About Us

In 1953 the Senocak family started a hazelnut trading company in Ordu, a port city on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. After the passing of the founder Ismet Senocak in 2017, his son, Cem Senocak, and his two grandsons, Ismet Yigit Senocak and Mert Senocak, continued the hazelnut trade as a 100% family owned company. The Senocak Company has been one of Turkeys largest exporter of hazelnuts since 1987.

Since formation, the company has been producing shelled hazelnuts and raw hazelnuts in its cracking unit. In 2006, the product line was extended to include roasted, blanched, diced, meal and paste hazelnuts in the new integrated unit.

The company holds various certifications including ISO 22000, BRC, UTZ/RAINFOREST ALLIANCE, IFS, Kosher and Halal certificates as well as the Ecocert Organic certification for the organic product line. The company is also a member of the Sedex and INC.

The factory has the capacity to produce 15000 tons of raw hazelnuts per year and 10000 tons of roasted, blanched, diced, meal and paste hazelnuts (combined) per year. The company continuously monitors and adjusts capacity to meet demand.

Founder: Ismet Şenocak
08.03.1938 - 25.10.2017

He was born in Ordu on 8 March 1938. Ismet ŞENOCAK, who was married and has two children, co-founded the "Hacivelioğullari Kolektif Şirketi" in 1953.
In 1964, he graduated from the Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences in Ankara.
Between 1965-1967, he served 2 years as a reserve officer in Tuzla/Istanbul. After completing his university life and military service, he returned to Ordu in March 1967 and joined the family business he had founded with his brothers and thus began his business life. In addition to his commercial life, he held various positions in the fields of education and politics. As the number of university graduates was very low at that time, he wanted to be useful to his city in the field of education and worked as an English teacher for 10 years. Until 7 September 1987, the company's name was "Hacivelioğlu Kolektif Şirketi". It was Ismet Senocak's decision that it became Şenocak Gida Findik Entegre Tur. Nak. Inş. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Commodity Exchange President of the Ordu Chamber of Commerce.

28.11.1979 – 28.07.1983 - 1. Period
03.03.1992 - 06.10.1999 - 2. Period

* The Hacivelioğlu Collective Company was founded by the late Mr. Ismet Şenocak and his brothers in the Altinordu district of Ordu.
* Our first hazelnut factory was established in Ordu.
* With the decision of Ismet Şenocak on 7 September 1987, our company was changed from " The Hacivelioğlu Collective Company " to "Şenocak Gida Findik Enteg. Turz. Nak. Inş. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.".
* The first export to Germany was made.
* Our hazelnut cracking plant, which we still use today, was introduced.
* We have been included among the ISO 2nd 500 industrial companies and were on this list until 2020.
* Our office in Istanbul was established.
* Our hazelnut processing facility was established as Ismet Şenocak Gida to produce high-quality processed hazelnut kernels.
* Our processing facility achieved ISO 22000 certification for the food safety management system.
* Merger of the companies from Şenocak Gida and Ismet Şenocak Gida.
* A total of 2500 m² of storage capacity was built, including our 750 m² cold storage.
* BRC and IFS documents have been obtained.
* Halal certificate was obtained.
* The investment in an additional production plant for hazelnut croquant production was completed and put into operation.
* 2nd Oven Roasting line was set up to increase production capacity in our processing unit.
* The hazelnut paste production line was equipped with a second thinning machine to increase production capacity.
* Our SORTEX sorting line was renewed.
* We were one of the first hazelnut factories to receive the UTZ certificate and be accepted into the system.
* A second automatic packaging machine (10gr-1000gr) was purchased for our B2C distribution.
* Our company founder Mr. Ismet Şenocak passed away on 25.10.2017.
* In our processing facility, the 1st oven line was renewed.
* Ecocert organic processing certificate was obtained.
* The automation line for vacuuming raw hazelnut kernels was set up. The changeover to automatic packaging has taken place.
* With the increase in our B2C sales, a Doypack packaging machine was purchased to increase production capacity.
* We have been included in the list of the 1000 Exporters and continue to do so with an upward trend.
* We became a Sedex member, and the first audit took place.
* A total of 3 NIR SORTEX purchases were made for the cracking and processing unit.
* We have been included in the ISO Top 500 Industrial Companies.
* Rainforest Alliance certificate was acquired.
* The cracking line and the processing facility were equipped with two X-Ray machines.
* The cracking line was equipped with a second laser selection machine.
* The line of chopped hazelnut kernels was completely renewed.
* The roasted and blanched hazelnut kernels production line was equipped with a 2nd SORTEX sorting system.
* As a continuation of our B2C investments, our new hazelnut spread/butter product line was completed and launched into the market.