Hazelnut Cracking Facility

Şenocak Hazelnut established its hazelnut cracking facility in 1989. This facility has a capacity to process 40,000 tons of hazelnuts in-shell (20,000 tons of kernel). Equipped with laser, X-ray, sortex, and modern cracking machines, our facility ensures efficient processing.

Integrated Hazelnut Facility

At our integrated facility, we produce roasted hazelnuts, blanched hazelnuts, chopped hazelnuts, hazelnut flour, and hazelnut puree. Our production complies with European standards, Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) standards, and customer specifications.

Retail Product Production Facility

In our facility dedicated to retail products, we manufacture hazelnuts in various packaging sizes, ranging from 15 grams to 1 kilogram in pillow and doypack packaging, as well as vacuum-sealed hazelnuts in the 100-gram to 1-kilogram range.

Hazelnut Butter and Hazelnut Croquant Production Facility

Our facility combines traditional taste and quality with innovative production techniques and rigorous quality control to offer our customers the best products.

Dry Storage and Cold Storage

Our dry storage and cold storage facilities ensure that our hazelnut products are processed in compliance with hygiene standards, preserving freshness and quality at the highest level at all times.