Our Social Responsibility Policy

In our company that produces hazelnut-hazelnut products and in our sustainable agricultural activities, on the basis of honesty and justice;

Transparently in all matters except our private information,

By standing in a position to account for every step we take,

Complying with legal requirements, international code of conduct, human rights,

By not forcing anyone to work, by not forcing them to work overtime,

Respecting our employees rights to establish a union and collective agreement,

By making our working environment safe and healthy, by preparing a suitable working environment for employees with disabilities,

By not employing child labor,

Paying working fee in accordance with life standards,

By not discriminating, taking gender equality into consideration at all times,

By not treating anyone inhumanly/rudely,

Keeping natural resource use to a minimum and complying with legal requirements,

Always trying to reduce our environmental impacts,

Employee and customer satisfaction with ethical rules in mind,

Evaluating and considering all kinds of complaints/suggestions,

It is our social responsibility policy to carry out production in accordance with human health in hygienic conditions with our trained, quality-conscious employees always taking into account the interests of our stakeholders



Hazelnuts are our future, the reward of our efforts...

We continue to produce the best and highest quality products without harming the environment and nature by caring about sustainable agricultural practices.


Chairman of the board Şenocak Hazelnut

Şenocak Hazelnut continues to support efforts to eliminate child labor

Şenocak Hazelnut continues to support efforts to eliminate child labor by adopting business principles that guarantee children's rights.


Chairman of the board Şenocak Hazelnut

Şenocak Hazelnut - Support for education

In our country, due to Covid-19, our children had to switch to online education and distance education.
To contribute to the future of our children, we support those who do not have technological equipment with tablet computers.


Şenocak Gida Chairman of the Board

A kindergarten was opened in memory of Hasibe Şenocak

Shortly before the death of our founder Ismet Şenocak, the kindergarten we built was opened by our board chairman Cem Mehmet Şenocak in memory of his grandmother Hasibe Şenocak.

Our CEO Cem Şenocak emphasised at the opening programme that Şenocak was happy to support education, saying: "When we were sitting with my father Ismet Şenocak at the entrance gate of our village office, we saw a group of children walking with their teachers to the health centre. There, our children were receiving school lessons under difficult conditions in a room of the health centre. When my father saw this sight, he said that we have to deal with this problem. It is our responsibility to build a new school for the children here. So, at my father's request, we created an environment where our children could receive schooling in a short time. Unfortunately, he passed away before the school was opened. My grandmother Hasibe Şenocak, after whom we named the school, was a person with a smiling face and warm heart to all kids. I believe that our children here will be individually well educated and trained to later contribute to their country and to the nation. Good wishes to all of our children.”