Mechanical Control of Cone Mites in Hazelnut in January

Hello, I am Feyza Şengül Kaya, Agricultural Engineer. Today, I will talk about the Mechanical Control of Cone Mite in Hazelnut and the Precautions to be Taken Against Agricultural Frost Events.In this month, which coincides with the leafless period in the mechanical control of Cone Mite, the cones should be collected by hand, like picking hazelnuts from a branch, and thrown into the garden. Since the mites in the cones thrown to the ground move very slowly and will be affected very quickly by the environmental conditions, they will die and will not be able to get out of the cones.

Cones should not be burned or buried as they are shelter for other beneficial insects and mites.In this month, female flowers, namely carnations, have started to show themselves. If it is desired to get abundant crops, these cloves should be fertilized in a healthy way without being affected by frost. Measures should be taken against the Agricultural Frost Events to be experienced in this month and the late spring frosts that may occur afterwards. By following the Agricultural Frost warnings, the materials that give off smoke in the garden should be burned or smoked devices should be used. In addition, the use of barnyard manure, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers used in this month is very important in terms of not wasting all the material and moral effort you have spent.