April - Spraying Calendar Starts in Our Region.

In our region, the spraying schedule, which becomes more intense this month and May, begins.

The most important issue to know; to recognize hazelnut, to question the good-bad situations encountered.

Do we injure branches when mowing and pruning? Are we applying the fertilizer in the correct amount? Is the plant affected by frost? Is the ground water in our garden too much? What is causing the plant to get stressed?

A stressed plant produces alcohol and attracts other pests. If we can get to the root of the problem by thinking like this, we can produce a solution and maximize our success.


Eriophyidae is too small to be seen with the naked eye, it enters the fruit or sinker buds, causing them to swell and take the shape of a cone. Thus, drying of the fruit tips and a decrease in the fruits are seen.