July - Fighting the Hazelnut Skunk

Greetings from July

Last month, we talked about the control of the Xyleborus dispar. If a medicated control was carried out against the Xyleborus dispar in the garden, a second spraying can be carried out, taking into account the duration of the effect. In the same way, the control of red sticky traos used in the control of the Xyleborus dispar should be continued.

With this month, we are approaching the harvest time. Harvest cleaning in the gardens, repair of tools and equipment at home and in the garden, elimination of deficiencies, preparation of the garden site.

If the nymph density of the green shield bug is high in this month, spraying can be done. For this purpose, spraying is carried out with any of the drugs licensed for the green shield bug (it is recommended to be versatile).

Foliar analysis can be performed to learn whether the fertilisations made according to the results of soil analyses are taken up by the plant and the deficiencies of the above-ground parts of the plant. Leaf samples for leaf analysis should be taken in the second half of this month, 10-15 days before the harvest at the late