June - Pest and Disease Control

Greetings from June, you can continue the control of the pests and diseases I mentioned last month in this month. In addition, it is necessary to fight against the Fall Webworm, cochineal, Xylebours dispar that you have detected in your garden during this month. Weeds, which are the hosts of pest and diseases, must be removed from our gardens by mowing method.

The Fall Webworms:

The Fall Webworms colours is white.This pest usually lays its eggs on the lower surface of hazelnut leaves. The larvae emerging from the egg clusters weave silky webs on the leaves and feed on the leaves, leaving only the main vein.This situation causes serious crop lasses. For its control, first of all, garden controls should be carried out regularly.Under normal canditions, in June and August, the caterpillar clusters, which we call larvae in the net in the trees infected with the pest, should be cut and removed from the garden.This pest can be combated with biological preparations. With light traps, the adults, that is, the pest in the butterfly state, is combated.Chemical control should not be applied unless it is compulsory. However, chemical control is important where the population is high. Chemical control is decided if 5 shoots are infected in an average plant.