May - Fertilization Application

As I mentioned in previous videos, the other half of the recommended nitrogen fertiliser should be applied to the garden towards the end of this month. In addition, in this month, pests such as hazelnut worm, green shield bug, Brown marmorated stink bug and powdery mildew disease should be combated in your gardens

Hazelnut worm adults are ash-coloured, 6-7 mm long, with a thin long proboscis. Pests fruits by feeding and laying eggs. Damaged new fruits will have spoilage on the skin and the fleshy part inside. If the fruit is damaged after reaching normal size, blackening also occurs inside and outside the fruit. One pest damages about 80 fruits.

How do we identify this pest? In the early morning or in the cooler hours of the evening, the branches are shaken out onto a white cloth and examined for the presence of hazelnut worms. Approximately 10 hazelnut trees in 10 da land and 20 hazelnut trees in 20 da land should be sampled to check the pest situation. If more than 2 adult insects fall from every 10 trees, spraying should be done. The spraying should be started when the hazelnut reaches the size of a lentil grain. Animals should not be grazed in the sprayed garden for at least 15-20 days.